In 2016, following the successful implementation of numerous relief-aid projects and campaigns for four years, three civil society organizations operating inside Syria merged its operation:


Ahl Alghorba Wakt Al Korba

conducted relief aid operations in Eastern Ghoutah towns.


Ajyal Al Karamah

conducted relief aid projects throughout Syria


Damascus Sons Association

conducted relief aid campaigns in Damascus and its suburbs

December 23, 2016 marked the official date of establishing “Ayadee for relief and development” registered as a civil society organization in Chichli Istanbul – Turkey No. 076 229 34, to provide assistance inside Syria.

Our vision

is to become an exceptional organization in development and aid.

Our Values

Excellence – Aspiration – Proactivity – Progression – Integrity

Our mission

is to ease the Syrian suffering by improving the relief-aid efforts to be more responsive, collaborative and integrative.

Our goals

1.Focus on developmental projects to build a better future for Syrians.2.Assist the impoverished people in Syria.3.Help rebuild the education process by supporting schools.4.Encourage the Syrian expatriates’s role in supporting the society and strengthen the sense of belonging.5.Offer a platform for successful partnership and collaboration among organizations working to help Syrians.

Ayadee focused its operation in Damascus and its suburbs, particularly in the following besieged areas:

Since the start of our operation we served the following areas:

  • Barzeh, Alqaboun, Techreen until the displacement in 05/2017.
  • Eastern Ghoutah towns until the displacement in 03/2018.
  • Damascus southern districts until the displacement in 05/2018.

Following the displacement we are focusing on:

Helping the displaced families in the Northern Syrian territories.

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